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Ferry Boat Photos & Screen Savers

We here at kitsap.biz realize that the Washington State Ferry System plays a large role in the lives of many residents of Kitsap County.

We thought you might enjoy some photos taken from the Bainbridge Island to Seattle ferry run. We've also uploaded several screen savers, in zip file format, for you to download if you want. The screen savers are free and made up of the same photos you'll see on our "Ferry Boat Photos" pages.

Click on any screensaver link and choose save in the pop-up window. Choose a folder where you want to save the file (example: desktop or downloads folder). After saving the file navigate to the folder where you saved the zip file. Unzip the file and click on the .exe file and follow the install wizard steps.

These files also include a uninstall application for easy removal from your computer. If you have any questions send us an e-mail by clicking on the "contact us" link in the left hand column.

Ferry Boat Photo Album


Ferry Boat Photos Screen Saver 1 (2.84mb)

Ferry Boat Photos Screen Saver 2 (2.91mb)

Ferry Boat Photos Screen Saver 3 (3.37mb)

Ferry Boat Photos Screen Saver 4 (3.16mb

All Ferry Boat Photos Screen Saver (6.17mb)

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